Our Import division provides offshore sourcing strategies and sustainable solutions to North American manufacturers and distributors. We import and supply: agricultural nutrients, crop protection, industrial chemicals, and feed ingredients primarily from Asia and South America to the US, Canada and Mexico. Our commitment to the market is to provide high quality, competitively priced products from the most reliable manufacturers in the world.

      We started this venture in 2008 and have experienced rapid growth in this segment. We entered the import business because we were disappointed with the performance of the import companies that we had been doing business with. We knew there was a better model for supplying North America with imported products. All potential manufacturers are carefully screened and only the best are chosen to be a partner in our supply chain. We are committed to delivering what you want, when you want it, for the price you have agreed to. There are never any hidden costs or surprises, we stand behind every shipment, and do business with normal trade terms. You receive and approve the product before you pay for it.

    Our Management staff in Asia consists of four individuals, Len Nicholls, Xian Fengpeng (Shane), Zhou Wenqing (Joe), and Huang Chunping (Cherry).  Len is the Managing Director for Asia and is located in Bangkok, Thailand.  Shane is the Procurement Manager, Joe is the Quality Control Manager, and Cherry is the Logistics Manager for China.  Len and Shane have over twenty years’ experience managing Asia projects for US based multi-national corporations. We are very proud to have them on our team.

    Our value package includes: multiple West Coast warehouse locations with many products in stock, a deep water terminal in Vancouver, Wa, a staff chemist to assure quality, and in-country staff in Thailand and China. We also test, label, and register by state. The main difference between Two Rivers Terminal and other importers is “We use the products we offer to our customers”. Whether it’s a fertilizer component, a feed ingredient, or an industrial chemical, we have a proven sustainable solution for you.